is a female-led and owned referral-based call center.

We work with companies of all sizes, one-term or short-term, but only by referral. is an emergency dispatch, call answering, and security information handling based

out of Rochester, Minnesota, serving our worldwide clients 24/7 since 1987.

The majority of our clients, except for their retirement, business sale, or death have been with us for decades, if not for our 35+ years.


• Live answering, no recordings or on-hold system

• Emergency Dispatching 

(35+ years experience handling in/outgoing fire, police, sheriff, state, USArmy, government, other)

• Answering Service

• Ordering 

• Month-to-month contracts

• Call verification

• Remote answer

• Long-term or short-term

Our Sister Companies Provide:

• Virtual Assistant

• Website operators

• Website Design/hosting

• Royalty-tracking software 

Secretarial Services 

• Publisher Services

• Photos

• Ordering

• Warehouse

• Data security services

• Data loss recovery and rebuild

• Returns

• Store placement

• White hat hacking

We offer taxable services through our sister company. We offer in-store placement of select books, gift items Lisa purchases items for her stores, outright.

We don't have returns, or waiting for payment or commissions. 

(507) 280-0787

(866) 807-5021 toll free

We answer 24/7

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